When you face challenges or new projects, there are several options you can make once you have committed to taking action.

As a leader, you strive to develop teams that are self-sufficient, and your first instinct may be to resolve the problems on your own. But there is only so much time in the day and there comes a point where you may need some additional help.

You could grow in-house expertise or hire a full-time resource but these options can be expensive, time consuming and leave you to suffer the problems while incurring costs to hire and run that resource.

If your organisation has a problem too large and complex to solve on your own, or if the problem requires a specialty skill that you don’t immediately possess, PM2O:strategies may be your most efficient and cost-effective option.

We are a specialist, strategic consulting firm that provides services to the global events industry.

Our consultants have over 30 years international event and trade show experience and offer advice on strategy, planning, operational improvement and M&A activity.

We provide advice and practical assistance to organisers, venues, suppliers, agencies, government bodies, associations, event owners and end users. This includes event creation, design, management, and marketing.

We take pride in being tenacious, flexible and meticulous in bringing the best thinking to client challenges.

Every assignment undertaken is unique, tailored to client requirements with every recommendation evidence-based.

We are commercially and entrepreneurially minded and strive to deliver excellence in everything we do. We believe in being collaborative and respectful of clients while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and transparency.