Employing our team, at any stage of the marketing process, can have a big impact on event success by streamlining processes and bringing efficiencies and effectiveness to promotion plans.

Whether you want to increase your exhibitor base or grow a visitor audience, we have the capabilities to engage a trade sector while keeping the core focus on results for your event.

By employing creative and guerrilla tactics we provide a premier resource for the development and execution of marketing programmes designed to increase conversion, online traffic and generate sales.

Some of what we do includes…

  • Strategy development
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital and Social Media community building and engagement
  • Influencer and amplifier identification and activation
  • Word-of-Mouth and Word-of-Mouse marketing
  • Key market, demographic and trend research and identification
  • Guerrilla and disruptive marketing
  • International media, sponsor and communications engagement
  • PR and event collateral copy
  • Media partnership engagement
  • Visitor and delegate engagement

.. to name a few.