Are you struggling to generate real and sustainable business value from your project management or marketing strategies?

There are many firms that will gladly bring in large teams of resources to “implement change”.

That’s not sustainable. The minute they leave, that change unwinds. Or worse…they never leave!

That’s not cost-effective.

We put your plans back on track and deliver undeniable and invaluable results and take them to the next level of capability to meet new business demands.

We perform a thorough evaluation of your organisation’s project management or marketing capabilities and design a customised plan to meet both short and long-term objectives and identify opportunities for improvement.

A ground-up approach that includes defining foundation capabilities necessary to operate effectively, and the talent needed to bring your strategies to life.

From training programmes, to live, personal mentoring, we offer many levels of coaching, training, and consulting for event organisers responsible for creating effective and sustainable processes and marketing capability.